Dear Friends and Family,

The Education in our Barrios project #BarrioEdProj is a community based project documenting different people’s views on education and education reform in East Harlem over the last 40 years. By documenting the past and the present we hope to help facilitate more communication around the educational issues that are most important to the community of East Harlem in New York.

In July, #BarrioEdProj will make its way to Chicago to present at the Latino Studies Conference. We are excited to have this opportunity but he team needs some financial help everyone make the trip.

If you are able and willing to make a small donation please visit our GoFundMe site
Thank you so much to those of you who have been able to donate funds to help the young researchers of the It’s not too late to donate! Every little but counts!

Many thanks,
Edwin, Honory & Mariely