There are four ways to participate (in English or Spanish):

1. Interview:
You can do a video recorded interview with one of our researchers. Segments of the videos will be posted to our community website so that others can watch. Must be at 18 years of age to be interviewed. Interviews usually last 1 to 1.5 hours.
Contact: (347) 541-7505 or

2. Web:
Follow #BarrioEdProj online and you can make comments on posts or videos on our website and other social media sites:
twitter: @BarrioEdProj
hashtag: #BarrioEdProj

Voicemail/Texting (

The BarrioEdProj Team is using a new digital tool called Vojo. (voice journalism) is a platform for providing local residents and stakeholders an opportunity to produce and share their own views through voicemail, texting (sms) and picture texts (mms)

3. Voicemail:
To share your story through voicemail please call (516) 240-9115. Respond to one of the questions below. Share your name (it can be a fake name), age, where you are calling from, and your relationship to East Harlem. You can call to make comments about education as often as you want. Just make sure you use the same name.

Questions for Voicemail/Text

  • Here are some questions to respond to for voicemails or texts (
  • What’s been your experience with the public schools in the barrio?
  • Did schools in the barrio change since Michael Bloomberg became mayor? If so, how?
  • Have there been school programs that have raised concern for you?
  • Have there been school programs you really liked? If so, describe them.
  • What do you think local schools will be like for children and families in the near future?

4. Texts/Images:
You can also send a text (sms) or picture message (mms) from your phone by entering Please use the same name and note cross streets where the image/photo are taken.

Have questions? Please contact us:

(347) 541-7505 –