#BarrioEdProj: A Digital, Critical Participatory Action Research Project

In 2013, the Education in our Barrios Project, #BarrioEdProj, was initiated by Edwin Mayorga as a digital and participatory action research study of public education reform and New York City Latino core neighborhoods (neighborhoods that are, or have historically been, majority Latino). East Harlem, El Barrio, was the first community #BarrioEdProj began to develop connections with. In 2015, #BarrioEdProj began to expand its work to Latino communities in the Philadelphia area (@BarrioEdPHL).

As a participatory study, young people from the neighborhood and Tri-college students (Bryn Mawr, Haverford, and Swarthmore) take part in the project as co-researchers. Our collective work focuses on conducting interviews and surveys of community members, doing archival research, participating in community education events, creating research sharing events, and using social media to engage with the neighborhood.  By documenting and sharing this information we hope to inform the work of residents, policy makers, scholars and education personnel as they shape public education and the future of the neighborhood.

We hope that you find our discussions informative, engaging and inspiring.  It is our hope that the study will help provide concerned community members, local politicians, and researchers, an opportunity to learn more about what educational issues are most pressing for the local community now and in the past, and what kind of action residents have taken to advocate for their own educational needs.

We are currently recruiting potential youth co-researchers in the Philadelphia area and doing research training. We are also reaching out to community organizations to build stronger connections and identify ways that we can be of support to them.

We will re-start our research work in the Fall of 2015.

To connect with us:

Edwin Mayorga, #BarrioEdProj Co-Researcher and Project Coordinator.
Instructor, Swarthmore College, Dept. of Educational Studies
email: barrioedproj@gmail.com
Phone: (347) 541-7505

Find us online

#BarrioEdNYC Group Page
#BarrioEdPHL Group Page

– NYC @BarrioEdProj
– Philadelphia @BarrioEdPHL

Download Project BarrioEdProj Pamphlet (English) | Descargue el folleto del BarrioEdProj (Español)

Education in our Barrios Project (NYC) Research Team

Edwin Mayorga, (Principal Investigator)
Mariely Mena (Co-Researcher)
Honory Peña (Co-Researcher)

Education in our Barrios Project (PHL) Research Team

Amanda Acosta, Haverford, 2018
Iliana Dominguez-Franco, Bryn Mawr, 2016
Edwin Mayorga, (Principal Investigator)
Alondra Rosales, Swarthmore College, 2017
Fatima Salcido, Bryn Mawr 2017
Amit Schwalb, Swarthmore, 2017
Ramelcy Uribe, Haverford, 2018