Attention NYC educators!

Scholar and #BarrioEdProj supporter,  Dr.Marilisa Jimenez Garcia (@MarilisaJimenez) is leading this important survey on diversity in children’s and young adult literature. We need to hear the voices of our maestr@s/profes, because you are central to putting this material in our young people’s classrooms. Read the info from Dr. Jimenez Garcia below, and take the online survey!

#BarrioEdProj Collaborative

Diverse Books and Literature/Language Arts Instruction in
New York City Public Schools

Call for Responses


I am gathering information about diversity in children’s and young adult literature from the perspective of Literature and Language Arts instructors in New York City public schools.

Your perspective as a practitioner is important to creating a productive dialogue about today’s Language Arts classroom. I want to learn about your experiences as a teacher in NYC public schools teaching literature in classrooms. How are you and your students exposed to diverse stories, authors, and characters? What are some resources that would help you increase the kind of diversity your student’s receive in literature instruction? What development opportunities would you like to participate in that would enrich your experience as a NYC teacher?

* You must be a current New York City public school teacher to participate in this survey.

* Your area of instruction must be Literature/Language Arts/English/ and/ or ELL instruction.

Take the survey here:

Your confidential responses to this survey will be used to gather data for a study on diverse books that I am doing as Cultivating New Voices Fellow for the National Council for Teachers of English (NCTE). Your input will be taken into consideration and placed in dialogue with research on diversity from across the field of children’s literature.

Contact information:

Dr. Marilisa Jimenez Garcia
Center for Puerto Rican Studies Hunter College, CUNY

Survey Flyer (PDF)